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Maura O'Keefe Skates

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Registered Social Worker

Seeking help and knowing where to start isn’t easy. In my work with clients over the last 20 years I have seen how our lives can get confusing and complicated. Sometimes we may cope in ways that help us manage or survive, but in the long run don’t get us where we hope to be. Whether it’s dealing with overwhelming emotions, relationship issues, confidence, life stress, loss or trauma - counselling is a place to start making sense of things and moving towards lasting change. I make every effort to create a safe, warm and non-judgemental space where you can explore your needs. We will work together to better understand your struggles, whether past or present (or both), and create workable goals that allow you to feel the strength, hope and healing you are looking for.

 I have a Masters degree in social work and I am registered with the BC College of Social Work (RSW). I offer individual and couples therapy and have training in a variety of therapy approaches including Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness-based approaches, and Trauma therapy. I believe each person has their own way of working through challenges and I adapt my experience and skills to fit your needs. I look forward to connecting, helping you feel heard and working together toward your counselling goals!

Maura O'Keefe Skates
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